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County Scouts Air Rifle Shooting Competition 2108

5 May 2018

Well done to the 2 Scout teams (Team A made up of 1st Scouts) and 1 Explorer team who took part in the County Air Rifle Shooting Competition at Aldersley Wolverhampton on Saturday 28th April 2018. SCW Scouts A Team were attempting to retain the County trophy and almost succeeded only finishing in second behind the eventual winners Spitfire District …

Sutton Coldfield West Win County Air Rifle Comp 2017

8 Apr 2017

Sutton Coldfield West district entered 2 Scouts and 1 Explorer team in to the County Air Rifle Comp 2017.
Both SCW ‘A’ and SCW ‘B’ Scout teams had members of the 1st Scouts, 4 in total out of the 8.
One of our Scouts in SCW ‘A’ finished in second place out of 72 Scouts in the individual competition.
SCW ‘A’ finished in …

1st Scouts New Archery Equipment

26 Jan 2017

Many thanks goes out to Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust for funding the purchase of our new Archery equipment. The new equipment will be used by Cubs and Scouts at the 1st Sutton Coldfield Scout Group and also Sutton Coldfield West District and at County Events.
Here are a couple of photos taken after the range was set up for our Group Exec …

County Scouts Football Comp 2016

5 Jun 2016

The 1st Scouts contributed 2 Scouts to SCW A Team and 4 Scouts to SCW B Team for the County Scouts Football competition 2016. Both teams were scratch teams who had not played any competitive matches before the competition. SCW A won all of its league games but lost 2:0 in the final to the winners Reay Valley. Reay Valley’s team were made up …

1st Scouts @ County Air Rifle Comp 2016

11 Apr 2016

The 1st Scouts represented Sutton Coldfield West by making up the entire District A team with the B team being made up of Scouts from the 21st.
We had a very young team compared to many other districts average age of just 11 years old. We finished 8th (A Team) and 11th (B Team) out of 12 teams despite the B Team only having …

County Air Rifle Target Shooting 2015

19 Apr 2015

Two members of the 1st Scouts took part in the County Air Rifle Competition 2015 at Aldersely, Wolverhampton on 16/04/15.
The Scouts were members of the Sutton Coldfield West district team the Scouts A Team finished 5th highest in an extremely competitive competition.#
Well done to everyone who took part here are a few photos we took on the day.