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1st Scouts @ Sutton Coldfield Community Games

13 Jul 2017

The 1st Scouts supplied one of the activities at the Sutton Coldfield Community Games on 8th – 9th July 2017.
Thanks goes out to both the leaders and Scouts who volunteered to man the activity over the two days. The Tomahawk throwing was the talk of the games with the organisers wandering what else we can come up with for next …

SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2017

29 Jun 2017

The 1st Scouts competed in the 2017 raft race and despite a hiccup at the start which ended up with them leaving the hard in last place managed to finish with all five crew who started still on board.
Well done to those who took part in both the building and the race it self.
Here are a few photos taken on …

SCW & E District Scout Camp 2017

17 May 2017

The 1st Scouts had a great weekend of activities combined with the annual SCW Camping and Cooking contest. This year the 1st Scouts entered 2 teams both pitching a Patrol Tent and Cooking Shelter and cooking a three course meal for the cooking competition.
Here are a few photos taken over the weekend.

Sutton Coldfield West Win County Air Rifle Comp 2017

8 Apr 2017

Sutton Coldfield West district entered 2 Scouts and 1 Explorer team in to the County Air Rifle Comp 2017.
Both SCW ‘A’ and SCW ‘B’ Scout teams had members of the 1st Scouts, 4 in total out of the 8.
One of our Scouts in SCW ‘A’ finished in second place out of 72 Scouts in the individual competition.
SCW ‘A’ finished in …

1st Scouts Win District Air Rifle Trophy

28 Nov 2016

The 1st Scouts took 1st and 3rd place individual competition places and took the overall group trophy.
A rally good turnout for this weekends competition thanks to those who took part.
Here are a few photos taken on the day.

What is Bisley like (video)

6 Nov 2016

If you haven’t yet been to our annual camp to Bisley – National Scout Air Rifle Championships then have a look at this video for a sample of the weekend.

Bisley – 40th National Scouts Air Rifle Championship 2016 Results

5 Nov 2016

The 1st Scouts attended the Bisley – 40th National Scouts Air Rifle Championship 2016 camp and took a team of 6 Scouts along with several other groups and Explorer units from SCW.
SCW did extremely well this year with for the first time a competitor from SCW Chloe from Exocet finishing in bronze medal position in the Senior Knockout – 2016 …

Sutton Community Games

14 Jul 2016

The 1st Scouts jointly manned the SCW Gun Carriage activity with the 15th at the 2016 Sutton Community Games here is a photo taken on the day.

SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2016

2 Jul 2016

The 1st Scouts entered a team in the SCW raft race 2016, after a problem start they came in a valliant 2nd behind the 10th who are sea scouts, the build went well with all the team sharing the work.
There however seemed to be confusion and bemusement when the prizes were announced with the 9th who actually finish 6th and last in …

County Scouts Football Comp 2016

5 Jun 2016

The 1st Scouts contributed 2 Scouts to SCW A Team and 4 Scouts to SCW B Team for the County Scouts Football competition 2016. Both teams were scratch teams who had not played any competitive matches before the competition. SCW A won all of its league games but lost 2:0 in the final to the winners Reay Valley. Reay Valley’s team were made up …