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SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2018

30 Jun 2018

1st Scouts took part in the 2018 District raft race held at Powell’s Pool – Boldmere Gate, Sutton Park today Sat 30th June. We had virtually a new team this year with many being Cubs who have just moved up to Scouts recently. Despite the youth of our team they preformed extremely well for their first attempt finishing the race …

SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2017

29 Jun 2017

The 1st Scouts competed in the 2017 raft race and despite a hiccup at the start which ended up with them leaving the hard in last place managed to finish with all five crew who started still on board.
Well done to those who took part in both the building and the race it self.
Here are a few photos taken on …

SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2016

2 Jul 2016

The 1st Scouts entered a team in the SCW raft race 2016, after a problem start they came in a valliant 2nd behind the 10th who are sea scouts, the build went well with all the team sharing the work.
There however seemed to be confusion and bemusement when the prizes were announced with the 9th who actually finish 6th and last in …

1st Scouts – District Raft Race 2015

4 Jul 2015

The 1st Scouts took part in the SCW District Raft Race on Saturday 4th July 2015.
The Scouts built their raft from scratch after just two practice builds at Scout meetings, the raft successfully negotiated the full course with our team finishing a valiant 3rd in the SCW competition.
The weather turned out sunny with a little wind on shore from the …