SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2016

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SCW District Scouts Raft Race 2016

2 July 2016

The 1st Scouts entered a team in the SCW raft race 2016, after a problem start they came in a valliant 2nd behind the 10th who are sea scouts, the build went well with all the team sharing the work.

There however seemed to be confusion and bemusement when the prizes were announced with the 9th who actually finish 6th and last in the race were announced as coming second? Obviously someone got something very wrong. The correct results were 10th taking 1st place and the build trophy, the 1st taking 2nd place, the 2nd taking 3rd place, the 15th taking 4th place, 21st taking 5th, 9th last place.

Only the 10th and the 1st completed the full course passing through the start buoys and rounding the next two and through the two finish buoys. All the other teams failed to round all the buoys on the course.

Here are a few photos taken on the day.

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